Friday, June 12, 2015

My Forehead Tattoo

IF I had a tattoo on my forehead, it would surely say:

Seriously!  There must be something about me that just says "Tell me your life story!"  Everywhere I go people talk my ear off and tell me more details about their life than I thought was possible.

Perfect example: we were in Las Vegas earlier this week and I needed to mail a package to my daughter.  The nearest post office was sought out only to discover the lines were long!  Ten people in front of me to mail parcels and such plus an equally long line for people picking up parcels.

Buddy was with me, which almost always a guarantee that I'll be interpreting 3-year-old-ese for whoever chooses to engage him.  The lady in line behind us began conversation with him asking his age after he sheepishly waved at her from the safety of hiding clinging to my legs. "Me Free (3)," he said."This my Mommy."  And then her life story began...

In the ten or so minutes it took to work my way to the front of the line and with only polite responses and no questions to further engage her, I learned the following:
  • She only needed to mail two cards for graduation; one for her niece and one for her niece's "baby daddy".
  • She put a $30 gift card in her niece's card but just a card for the boyfriend. Because, "I've never even met him."
  • She doesn't carry her debit card with her to work because she spends too much money on her clients' children.
  • She works for the VA.
  • She spent $500 on treats and sodas and such for her clients' children in one year and that's why she doesn't carry her debit card with her anymore.
  • She is 46 and doesn't have any children of her own; but she's thought about adopting.
  • Her boyfriend is 53 and thinks he's too old to have energy enough to raise a child.
  • She has a Godson that she spoils.
  • She used to bring little treats with her every time she went to see her Godson, but had to stop doing that because he came to expect it.
  • Her Godson is 5 and has two God Mothers.
  • Her Godson's father isn't in the picture and his Mother doesn't make much money, so my line mate likes to take him and spend extra time spoiling him.
  • Her dog DIED two days ago; he was just old.
  • She had two dogs, so now she still has one.
  • At 2 o'clock yesterday her Godson and his Grandmother showed up to bring her flowers "to help cheer her up".
  • Her Godson wants an Alaskan Husky, probably because his other God Mother likes them.
  • She took yesterday off work because she was just too sad about the loss of her dog to go to work.
  • She's pretty sure stamps cost 49¢ now, but she remembers when stamps were only 22¢.
  • She's going to insure her niece's card before she mails it.
  • She's headed to work right after this.
Seriously!  Besides, saying that Buddy was three and nodding politely and offering condolences for the loss of her dog, all the rest of that was unprompted.

And I don't mean to sound like and ass or imply that the conversation irritated me or anything.  I really don't mind talking to people; or listening, as the case may be.  I just find it curious that this happens ALL the time...people tell me their life story!

Does that happen to you?  What should the tattoo on your forehead say?

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