Monday, August 11, 2014

Ten Minute Monday - Please Don't Let That Be a Train!

OK, new Monday tradition to get the week started off better, because my weeks have been missing something major (more on that in a bit).  I'm giving myself ten minutes to just write.  No major editing and no major rearranging...just ten minutes to throw out my thoughts on Monday morning.  Hopefully, I will get the ball rolling on finding something that's been

I've been missing.  MIA - missing in action.  I was here and then it just seemed like I faded away.  It was gradual at first and then all-encompassing, like throwing a heavy dark blanket over something you want to hide.  Only, I didn't plan to hide.  I didn't plan to disappear.  I didn't want to do either.  I wanted to fight it, but I've been left with just no idea how to even start fighting it.

What I'm trying to say, what I'm dancing around is:  I've been seriously depressed.  Like, don't care what happens in the rest of the world, can't I just stay here under the covers forever and hide depressed.

Who am I?  Did I ever know?  These are questions that have been rolling around in my head for a few months now.

Was it obvious how bad things had gotten?  I don't think so...I mean, DH knew.  But I don't know if anyone else noticed.  I'm pretty good at putting on a "everything's OK" face for short bursts of time when I need to...I've been doing that for as long as I can remember.  But, to maintain a level of OK-ness?  I just couldn't do it.  Everything felt heavy and dark and empty.

I went through some of the motions.  But others just fell apart.  I did the bare minimum.  It was all I could do.

I don't even know how I managed to get myself together enough to find a Dr. and get myself there, but I credit DH with always being the "whatever I need to do to make it happen for you" guy that he is and always is, because if there had been one more obstacle I might still be sitting in the dark all alone.

It's still pretty shady where I am...but I can see a pinpoint of light that I think is the end of the tunnel.  I sure hope so, because if it's an approaching train that would really suck.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pirate's Dinner Adventure - We Sailed the seas!!

Remember last month when I was super-excited we would be going to the Pirate's Dinner Adventure here in Buena Park, California?
Well, we went! We drank, we sang and we were merry!!

We arrived about a 1/2 hour before showtime, though I was told we could have arrived up to an hour earlier.  The first thing we did when we arrived was pose for a family souvenir photo outside before we were ushered inside and offered the opportunity to purchase flags, swords and bandannas.  We then entered the lobby/waiting/pre-show area, which had a dozen or more tables as well as benched along the walls that were all already full of families out for an evening of swashbuckling fun.

There is a gift shop available for browsing as well as two bars where you can purchase souvenir glasses filled with the most expensive pirate-themed cocktails or beers you'll ever drink (DH had a beer and I had a Mai Tai and those two drink together were a dollar or so shy of $30!)!  BUT, since we were out for an evening of fun and the tickets were free so that I could review the show and write this post, I decided it was worth the splurge.  Also, you can get drink refills for about 1/2 price, which is still expensive but at least it's not a whallop every time!

While we waited, appetizers (nothing impressive - little cocktail weiners which we didn't get to try because the grandma with all her grandkids grabbed them all before we could snatch one and soggy french fries) were passed around the crowds by waiters and waitresses in pirate-garb.

Then, the pre-show began on a small stage right behind the main bar.  The theme of the evening's show was revealed (a princess captured by a gang of pirates, each with their own "theme color") and we were directed to follow the pirate whose color was the same as our tickets into the theater once they were announced.  It was entertaining and effectively moved everyone from the crowded lobby into the theater in an organized and fun way.

The theater consists of a large stage area surrounded by water and resembling a pirate ship which the audience sits around in their assigned color sections.  The show itself includes singing, dancing, some acrobatics and lots of audience participation.  There are storms and dragons and cannons and magical gypsy spells - the story line can get a bit jumbled and confusing, but in all it's fun and entertaining.

While the show progresses, you are served a three-course meal!  First, you choose between tomato soup or tossed salad; DH and I both chose salad which was a good size and tasty, nothing spectacular, but good.  For your main course you can choose 1/2 a roast chicken or Beef Kabobs.  DH and I ordered one of each and opted for the kids' meal with chicken nuggets for Buddy.  Both the chicken and the kabobs were OK, not great but not bad, but the chicken nuggets looked like they had come out a frozen TV dinner tray and were all soggy on the bottom.  If you're going to pay for a kid's meal, I suggest getting the roast chicken because at least it's real meat!  The side dishes were OK, the mashed potatoes were actually pretty good but the vegetables tasted like they were straight of the freezer section.  The dessert course is a brownie a-la-mode with chocolate sauce; this was Buddy's favorite part of the night!

After the show, the cast sticks around for photos and to greet the kids in the audience, which was really nice.

Overall, I'd say the show was good.  We actually had a really fun time and Buddy was totally mesmerized by the whole thing.  If I had paid full price for the tickets as well as everything else, I would have been a bit irritated when I received the request for a gratuity from our server at the end of the meal (they suggest $5 per adult and $3 per child, which is much less than the minimum 15% percent tip that's usually recommended, but still I wasn't expecting that they didn't pay their servers well and felt obligated to tip a tad more than they recommended); as it was I spent over $60 and that was just for drinks and tips!  This is definitely geared more for tourists and those on vacation and is probably a bargain compared to what food and drinks in the local theme parks cost.

So, if you're looking for a fun night out with the family, check out the Pirate Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, California and be sure to plan to arrive early and spend buckage on all the extras and have a Swashbuckling GOOD time!!

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