Friday, December 19, 2014

America the Weak - Don't Take Away My $

"Understand what is going on right now,
because the world just changed on your watch,
and you weren’t even paying attention." 
- George Clooney


The US does not pay ransom.  We don't bend to terrorists.

That's what we say, right?

Except when it comes down to the wire, when lawyers and their clients get together and say, "There's a threat, it's credible, if you move forward with your plans and something bad happens you'll be held liable financially."  And we all KNOW you don't want to walk into that trap!  You can't risk your wealth like that!

And suddenly America DOES pay ransom!

Every movie theater chain that refused to carry The Interview because they would be held financially liable if TERRORISTS followed through on their threats, forced Sony to pull their film.  But it's not even the theaters''s OURS!

We've created this society where we believe every bad thing that happens to us is someone else's fault!  And if it's their fault, we should get paid for it!  WE created this litigious society.  And THAT is what has ultimately brought a major US company like Sony to it's knees and forced them to bend to the will of TERRORISTS!  Fear of financial liability.  Our own court system turned against us!

If you think that this is a one time deal, that this is the only time a DICTATOR who makes TERRORIST threats will dictate to America what can and can be done in our supposedly free society, you're dead wrong.  This is just the first time.  This is just the beginning.

I don't give a damn about one movie, but I am incredibly saddened to see this play out this way.  I'm disgusted that America is acting so weak.  I'm frightened because of the precedent this sets.  I'm disappointed that we're ultimately so self-serving that we, as a nation, bend so quickly and so easily.

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