Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Army -- (an #AtoZChallenge Post)

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!  For the month of April I will be attempting to blog each day, excluding Sundays, with a letter of the alphabet as my theme. 

rmy.  My oldest son made the choice to join the US Army.  He is currently training at Ft. Benning, Georgia to become a Cavalryman; the training is not easy.

While he’s been away training our main form of communication has been letters through the US Postal Service.  It takes around a week for our letters to reach each other and they usually cross paths on their trip.  It’s certainly not the best way to communicate when you, as a mother, want to know everything that’s going on with your child.  Especially when the communication relies on a 20-year-old who has grown up in a world where his home always had a computer and email to pick up a pen and tell his mother what’s going on with him!

Letters from my son are treasured.

His letters are few and far between.  I try to make mine more regular so that he never forgets that he is loved and supported in his goals.  I do cheat a little by typing his letters and adding photos of things that we’re doing – but this “cheat” allows me to tell him more of what’s happening here and show him as well.

My son, early in the morning as we were
headed to the Airport after the Holiday break.

Because my son started training at the end of the year and has struggled with health issues while there, his “16 weeks of intensive training designed to make him a versatile warrior” has taken longer than expected.  Originally he would have been graduating this week, but will be in training until mid-June if all proceeds as expected.  If his health issues continue, it may be longer still.  I know he wants to complete this phase of training and move on to his Army career and that these setbacks must be hard for him; I pray they make his resolve stronger and his training set in his mind more firmly than might otherwise have been the case.

As a Mom of an Army Soldier, praying and writing letters is about all I can do – the rest is up to my son, his Leaders and his fellow Soldiers.  I pray they all stay safe and make good decisions.

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